CV and Interview Tips

Interview Tips

1. Research the company – take notes in with you!

2. 10 Questions to ask - remember you are interviewing them too!

3. Prepare for questions they will ask you – it’s not a memory test take these details in with you!

4. Docton Solutions Hints and Tips – It’s the little things that make the difference!

  •  Wear business dress
  •  Make sure your hygiene is in check
  •  Make sure your hair/ facial hair is appropriate
  •  Re-iterate that you are interested in the job
  •  Ask for feedback/ any objections
  •  Take any certificates with you
  •  Take any references with you
  •  Shake hands before and after the interview
  •  Relax, try to get your personality across too

CV Tips

1. Remember the basics

  •  Put your contact information on there: email address, day time contact number
  •  When do you want to be contacted and how?
  •  Qualifications!
  •  Explain your experience with previous positions (remember: Employers don’t want to read war and peace), consider bullet points and paraphrasing.
  •  No spelling or grammatical errors

2. Simple is effective

  •  Keep a plain background
  •  Use paragraphs and bullet points
  •  Be concise in your writing

3. Keep it up to date

  •  Add any qualifications you receive on there
  •  Add newer and more relevant achievements
  •  Ensure your contact information is up to date